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How to Schedule a Computer Lab
Lab scheduling is as follows.
• If you need to use the English/Media Lab, Contact Diana Hanke.
• If you need to use the Math Lab or the History Lab, contact your PLC team leader. They have been given access to the google calendar in order to schedule lab use within their PLCs.
• If you need the ChromeBooks, Contact Ed Goodrich.
  • Authorized Schedulers
    The following have access to schedule Labs:
    6th ELA - B. Ashby (K. Miles too)
    6th Math - S. Ross
    6th Science: K. McKee
    Science - S. White
    Math - E. Goodrich
    ELA - J. Mathews
    History - G. Hansen
    CTE - J. Smyly
  • Computer Labs Available
    • English/Media Lab (Room 220, by the Library)
    • History Lab (Room 112, by the Attendance Office)
    • Math Lab (Room 260, Upstairs South of walking track)
  • Rules for Using Labs
    • Remind students to push in all chairs.
    • No Food, Beverage, or Gum
    • Leave no messes
    • Students must abide by Acceptable Use Policy.
    • Secure Lab when finished (lock door)
Lab Calendar