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Strand 2 Digital Citizen

about 1 year ago

By Sue Timothy

Strand 2 Standard 6: Digital Citizen Ethics


Understand and demonstrate ethics in a digital world.

  • Define intellectual property as it applies to the digital world
  • Identify various copyright violation acts and their preventative measures
  • Identify various legal concerns associated with information exchange

PAST DUE: Computer Performance & Features Notes & Final


  • Retake Strand 1 Standard 3 Final - Make arrangements to retake before or after school 
    Digital Citizen Ethics Due:


·         Review Learning Goals/I Can Statements Daily  

o    Each student has a copy

o    Each student should be able to know why they are improving their typing abilities​\

·         Drill 6  

o    Continue working on Strand 1 Standard 1 - Enhance Keyboarding Skills

·         Digital Citizen Ethics Notes

o    Watch the videos and take notes on the Digital Citizen Ethics document (found in stimothy drive)

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