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Keyboarding Quarter 3

about 1 year ago

By Sue Timothy

Learn to Keyboard

STANDARD 1  The student will demonstrate correct touch keyboarding techniques. 
Objective 1: Students will demonstrate eyes on copy, correct fingering, good techniques, and appropriate posture while operating the keyboard. 
  1. Feet placed appropriately for balance. 
  2. Center body to the “h” key with elbows at sides. 
  3. Sit up straight. 
  4. Curve fingers over the home keys. 
  5. Keep wrists off the keyboard. 
  6. Keep eyes on printed copy. 
  7. Key by touch. 
STANDARD 2  Students will develop touch keystroking speed and accuracy.  
Objective 1: Students develop and improve keystroking speed and accuracy. 
  1. Complete a program of customized drills, exercises, and timings to reinforce touch operation of the keyboard and to increase speed and accuracy.  

DUE: Keyboarding Online Lessons 1-11  March 21

  • Login to Computers  
  • Drills
    • Each day start with a drill
    • Introduce new letters and reaches for the keyboard each new lesson
  • Keyboarding Online
    • Online program link: Keyboarding Online
    • Student Password to use program: roos59
      • Click on Keyboard Mastery
      • Click on your class and then your name
      • Put in your password
      • Remember NOT to look at your hands!
14-Jan        First Day, Disclosure, Get to Know You
16-Jan        Introduce Program, Learn How to Login
18-Jan        Online 1- Homerow
23-Jan        Online 1- Homerow
25-Jan        Online 1- Homerow
29-Jan        Online 1- Homerow
31-Jan        Online 2 - T, E, H
4-Feb          Online 2 - T, E, H
6-Feb          Online 3 - O, R, N
8-Feb          Online 3 - O, R, N
12-Feb       Online 4 - M, C, L-Shift
14-Feb       Online 4 - M, C, L-Shift
19-Feb       Online 5 - I, Period, R-Shift
21-Feb       Online 6 - Comma, U, CAPS
25-Feb       Online 7 - B, P, W
27-Feb       Online 8 - G, ;, :, Q
1-Mar         Online 9 - V, /, ?
5-Mar         Online 10 - X, Y, Z
7-Mar         Online 11 - ',",-
11-Mar       M Numeric
13-Mar       M Numeric
15-Mar       Short Reports
19-Mar       High frequency words/Short Reports
21-Mar       Short Reports